08 Aug 2017

Video (GRAPHIC): Police shootout and Tourniquet life save

When I saw this brilliant video I immediately felt the need to share it with...

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05 Aug 2017

Australian Tactical Medicine Conference 2017 Review

Well that's a wrap for the first Australian Tactical Medicine Conference (ATMC) held in Sydney...

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20 Jun 2017

The Tactical Primary Survey for First-Responders

This article focuses in on the tactical considerations of the Primary Survey that are applicable...

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24 Apr 2017

TacMed’s Top 10 Tourniquet Mistakes

Dr Dan Pronk and Jeremy Holder recently delivered a webinar on Tourniquets and 10 of...

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28 Mar 2017

TacMed Tip #3- SOFTT-W Tourniquet Self Application

TacMed Tip #3: SOFTT-W Tourniquet Self-Application Hopefully, by this point, we don't need to discuss...

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17 Mar 2017

TacMed Tip #2- Chem Lights

TacMed Tip #2- Chem Lights Our TacMed Tip this week is something a little different....

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04 Oct 2016

(GRAPHIC) Wounding patterns of blast injury

The wounding patterns of blast injuries are well known to any military medic who has...

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30 Jul 2016

WATCH: Operator shot on helicopter extraction under fire from Taliban drug raid

This case study is of a good friend of mine (written with his consent) who...

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02 Jul 2016

(GRAPHIC) Through-and-through gunshot wound to the chest

The following case study is of an Afghan civilian woman who was medically evacuated to...

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15 Jun 2016

(GRAPHIC) The grisly effects of a high-velocity gunshot wound to the leg

This injury occurred on a combined U.S. and Australian special operations mission in the mountains...

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26 May 2016

Spear wound to the leg whilst pig hunting!

Here's a quick case study of a slightly unusual case (told with the patient's permission)...

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28 Apr 2016

Improvised arterial tourniquet using items from a car boot

Massive haemmorhage is one of the leading causes of death in motor vehicle related trauma,...

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31 Mar 2016

Law Enforcement Tourniquet Save

If you have followed our blogs and social media accounts for some time you would...

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17 Feb 2016

Shredded intestines from a gunshot wound to the leg!

This is a case study of a casualty that I was involved with a number...

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12 Jan 2016

Train as you’re going to fight. The importance of Reality Based Training

I recently had to recertify for one of my key medical competencies at work, with...

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30 Dec 2015

Drilling shins to save skins: Demystifying Intraosseous cannulation

  I had a situation at work recently that got me thinking on the topic...

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17 Dec 2015

Mass-Casualty terrorist event in Australia – Are we medically ready?

Currently, the Australian Government National Security division assesses the National Terrorism Threat Level as Probable...

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07 Dec 2015

AK47 bullet through the neck couldn’t stop him!

The following case study is of a friend of mine (written with his permission) who...

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01 Dec 2015

Nasopharyngeal Airway in head injury. What’s the real risk?

I recall as a medical student in the early 2000s being taught in no uncertain...

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18 Nov 2015

Why I’d rather be shot with an AK47 than an M4.

Admittedly I’d rather not be shot with either, but if I had to choose, I’d...

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28 Oct 2015

10 items I carry in my Vehicle Trauma Bag

When it comes to carrying around medical gear in my personal car I am a...

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01 Oct 2015

Pulse Oximeter. The most misunderstood tool in a medic’s toolbox?

This week I am trying my hand in Vlogging (video blogging) on the Pulse Oximeter....

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18 Sep 2015

Medic of the Month “A Fishy Situation”

Medic of the Month- Peter D (Off duty Police Officer) Our Medic of the Month...

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08 Sep 2015

Fracture management in a remote setting

Fracture management in a remote setting Senario: It's spring time and the weather has finally...

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