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Course Schedule - JAN FEB MAR 2019


The Tactical Emergency Trauma Course (TET-C) is the pinnacle of TacMed's Tactical Medical courses. This 5-day course will push students out of their comfort zone with immersive scenarios delivered by Australia's leading Tactical Medical Instructors.

Developed for personnel who may be required to work in high threat or austere environments, the TET-C is an in-depth course that covers all the elements of Tactical Medicine from medical planning to casualty evacuation.

Course Curriculum:

  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care history, guidelines and application in a Tactical Environment
  • Remote, Austere and Threat Medical Mission Planning
  • Anatomy & Pathophysiology
  • Patient Primary & Secondary Surveys (inc Rapid Trauma Assessments)
  • Vital Sign Observations (Pulse, Respiratory, Temp, Sp02 and Blood Pressure)
  • Tactical Rescue and Movement
  • Tactical Medical Equipment Selection
  • Internal Ballistic and Blast Trauma Pathophysiology
  • Introduction to non-lethal weapon treatment
  • Major Haemorrhage Control (Tourniquets, Wound Packing, Haemostatics and Junctional TQ's)
  • Mass Casualty Management and Triage
  • Advanced Resuscitation
  • Advanced Fracture Management
  • Introduction to Prolonged Field Care
  • Telemedicine concepts and principles

TacMed's TET-C has a combination of accredited and non-accredited components. The nationally accredited units of competency are delivered under the auspices of TacMed's sister company TMA Training Pty Ltd (RTO 41552).

Units included in the TET-C:

  • HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • HLTAID003 Provide first aid
  • HLTAID005 Provide first aid in remote situations
  • HLTAID006 Provide advanced first aid
  • HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation
  • PUAEME005A Provide pain management

Statement of Attainment issued by TMA Training (RTO 41552) where a participant successfully completes individual units, without completion of the entire course a statement of attainment will be issued for those completed units only.

Participants will be issued on successful completion a certificate of attendance (40 hours CPD).

Prior to the commencement of the TET-C, participants will be required to complete some pre-course eLearning.

The TET-C has some physical components and it is recommended students be injury free.

Cost: $1500 plus GST


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Melbourne 14th to 18th Jan 2019

Sydney 27th Feb to 3rd Mar 2019


Remote Care Course

The TacMed RCC is not your average nationally accredited Remote Area First Aid Course.

This course can be described as educational, adventurous, challenging and fun! If you picture a course that combines Remote Area First Aid, Military Prolonged Field Care and Wilderness Vertical Rescue all mixed into 2.5 days/nights worth of learning, then that's what RCCC is.

We'll introduce you to the concepts of Remote Casualty Care and Wilderness Rescue through a combination of theory, skills stations and immersive scenarios. With the experience of our highly qualified cadre, we'll challenge you (yes, our aim is to put you out of your comfort zone) both clinically and mentally. There will be some physically challenging components but you don't need to be an ironman to join us.

Course Content:

  • Medical planning for remote and austere environments
  • Assess and treat casualties in a remote/wilderness environment
  • Monitor and maintain casualties in a prolonged field care setting
  • Casualty evacuation from the remote environment
  • Introduction to wilderness vertical rope rescue


  • >18 years old
  • Physically fit (this isn't special forces selection but you need to be able to walk 1km with a 10kg pack)
  • No medical or roping experience required.


Adam Cantrick: Director of Development at TacMed, Diplomatic Protection Team Medic, and Paramedic with state Ambulance.

Tom Newkirk: Ex-Special Operations Medic and qualified Paramedic

Instructor 3: TBA

Bill Proctor: Managing Director of Safety Access & Rescue. Former Army Infantry, Parachute Instructor, Lvl 3 Rope Access Technician, Mountaineer Instructor and Wilderness / Industrial Rescue Instructor. It's fair to say if Bill doesn't know it about roping, you probably don't need to know it!


  • HLTAID005 Provide first aid in remote situations (Under Auspices of TMA Training Pty Ltd RTO 41552) also includes HLTAID003 Provide first aid.
  • TacMed Remote Casualty Care Course statement of attendance- 20 hours Clinical Development Hours

Cost: $695 per person.

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For more information call 1300 862 633 or email smiley@tacmedaustralia.com.au