Grab Extraction Harness

The Grab Harness from Strategic Rescue Products is a victim/patient/personnel rescue extraction tools designed to aid a Rescuer in removing a victim from any emergency situation.

The Grab Harness fits around a rescuer's waist via belt application and when deployed,its straps are secured underneath the victim's arms. When tightened the majority of the victim's weight shifted to the rescuer's core. This allows rescue work to be completed more efficiently with less effort and stress on the rescuer. It also frees the rescuer's arms free during the evacuation, allowing them to easily maneuver around any potential obstacles.

The Grab Harness is specifically design for Law Enforcement, Paramedic, Fire & Rescue, Active-Shooter, Security Operations.

Specifications :

  • Constructed with 1680 Ballistic Fabric - Used in Tactical Products
  • Asymmetric Stainless Steel Snap Hook - Working Load: 800 kg
  • Fixed Bail Stainless Steel Snap Shackle - Breaking Load: 2800 kg
  • Forged Adjustable Adapter for Belt
  • Breaking Load: 1100 kg
  • Securely stitched using topstitching, bar tacking and zigzag stitching
  • 30.48 cm by 5.08 cm