E-Lite Emergency Headlamp

This micro headlamp our top pick of all the emergency lightweight headlamps on the market.

The Petzl e+LITE is super compact, weighing in at 27g, waterproof with a rating of IP67 and works best for close proximity use (26 Lumens for up to 29 metres). It also easily outlasts all the other micro headlamps with a burning time of 70h.

The Petzl e+Lite is so small that it takes the question "should i add a headlamp to my kit?" out of the equation. The lamp takes up practically no space as it is about the size of a peaches stone / pip, and weighs almost nothing. The size is largely reduced by the use of a retractable string headband that replaces the conventional elastic headbands. When stored the string headband only has a tiny pull tab visible, meaning only the lamp's casing is visible- which makes storage incredibly easy.

The Petzl e+LITE comes with three different lighting modes, including a red light mode. It also comes with a handy waterproof case that will ensure it stays hidden away and ready to go for when you need it most.