Eleven 10 PTAKS Med Pouch

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The Eleven 10 PTAKS Medical Pouch is a small personal pouch designed to hold the bare minimum trauma consumables. Designed as a "Penetrating Trauma Aid Kit, Small", the PTAKS pouch features a channelled back panel to allow both belt mounting and MOLLE/PALS attachment of this small profile pouch to allow it to be kept in an easily accessible location on the user - without overcrowding Police Officers already heavily laden setups.

The inside is an open compartment which has a quick access ribbon that can be loaded under your contents to allow for fast easy deployment when needed. A velcro square on the front holds a medical identifier cross patch (included).

Available in 'Pouch only' and 'Kit' options.

Optional Kit Contents :

  • SOF Tactical Tourniquet- Wide Black
  • Emergency Dressing Israeli Bandage 4 inch
  • Pair Black Talon Gloves