SAM IO Driver
SAM IO Driver
SAM IO Driver
SAM IO Driver

SAM IO Driver

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SAM IO Driver is a multi-use, manually operated intraosseous access driver that offers a more tactile feel for needle placement. ?The SAM IO is indicated for the proximal humerus, proximal tibia and distal tibia in adult and paediatric patients. The distal femur is also indicated in paediatric patients.??

Catheter placement is achieved by repeatedly compressing the driver's trigger assembly while gently guiding the needle assembly into position. Each full trigger actuation creates rotational spin of the needle assembly which, when combined with gentle downward pressure results in controlled IO placement.?

Once the SAM IO's needle assembly is properly positioned, the stylet is removed to expose a standard Luer-lock fitting for extension set connection.?

Military Grade Durability

Weighing a lightweight 70g, the patented SAM IO Driver is manufactured to military standards. It's made of polycarbonate material which was chosen for its durable characteristics and is certified under MILSTD 810G testing for durability and harsh environment use. The Driver has been tested and cleared for over 10,000 actuations.?


  • Non-slip, ergonomic handle designed for a broad range of hand sizes
  • Quick-connect hub for easy connection of needles
  • Ratcheting handle enables controlled needle placement
  • Manual operation eliminates battery-related failure and reduces the weight of the driver
  • Light, compact unit takes up minimal space when stowed
  • Durable construction, tested and cleared for over 10,000 actuations makes the SAM IO Driver a?cost-effective device
  • NSN?6515-01-694-6094

Needles, Stabilizer, and Adaptor options are sold separately -?
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