Schiller Fred Easyport Trainer Defib

The CTOMS SlimmerLine? V2 is the?best IFAK on the market - no question.

Available as stocked kit, or empty pouch, the SlimmerLine V2 features a Hypalon WTIFix Strapped Back panel to reduce the overall weight and size without sacrificing strength, which?eliminates the need for seperate malice clips.?With only 2 MOLLE channels and a small vertical profile, the Slimmerline V2?takes up very little space while maximising?storage capacity.

The main pouch can be released from it's rear mounting panel in one swift vertical motion - a pull on the beaded handle; however, the pouch remains secure on its platform if the beaded pull is not engaged.?The pouch is easily removed and reattached with one hand, maximizing your economy of movement.

The ideal location for a tourniquet, the front external stretch pocket allows for various storage options that provide quick access without having to remove the pouch. Items contained within the stretch pouch are held securely with a Velcro flap that can be outfitted with a patch to help distinguish friendly assets or to designate medical contents within.

The pouch also?features a snap-closure pull-tab option that can be utilized to access the contents of the pouch during critical situations where time is limited. This feature allows the operator to snap close the pouch without zipping it, allowing the contents to?be accessed multiple times, with minimal time an effort, while keeping the?contents secure.

Please note - The Slimmerline V2 is available as a stocked 'Kit' or 'Pouch Only'. The stocked kit's contents include:

1 x SOFTT-W Tourniquet
1 x HyFin Compact Vented Chest Seal
1 x OLAES 4" Modular Bandage (Flat Packed Version)
1 x Casualty Card
1 x CPR Face Shield
2 x Black Talon Glove Pair
1 x Micro Shears