Tourniquet Board Leash

The OMNA Tourniquet Board Leash range is a revolutionary device that combines a board leash and emergency arterial tourniquet! Major bleeding can cause death within 3 minutes if left untreated. Studies have shown that if a tourniquet is applied to a life-threatening bleed before the onset of shock, patients have a 96% survival rate.

The OMNA Tourniquet Board Leash has all the features and versatility you expect from a board leash and comes equipped with a tourniquet cuff that can be used to control life-threatening bleeding on a limb. It is the only regulatory compliant medical device (Tourniquet) and Board Leash in the World.

The device is made in the US from high-quality materials and designed to endure extreme wear.

The OMNA Tourniquet Board Leash comes in multiple sizes and options including Shortboards, Long Boards, Big Wave, Body Board and SUP. TacMed now proudly offers OMNA's short board leash in 2 sizes( 6 and 8 feet) and the body board leash in 4 feet. We also offer these respective sizes in Standard or Quick Release options. More options landing soon!