UCR Major Incident Response Kit
UCR Major Incident Response Kit
UCR Major Incident Response Kit
UCR Major Incident Response Kit

UCR Major Incident Response Kit

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The UCR Major Incident Response Kit is a solution designed with Urban Casualty Response in mind. This kit has been put together by military medics and paramedics for response to a major incident with multiple casualties.

The kit is packed in a 5.11 UCR Slingpack, which is?designed to be slung over a shoulder to be able to move quickly to and throughout an incident, while accessing contents easily. However the flat base also means the kit sits perfectly in the trunk, seat or footwell of a vehicle with a grab handle on the top to grab and go when needed.

The UCR Major Incident Response Kit contains:

  • 5.11 UCR Slingpack with large 'Trauma Kit' Patch
  • 2x Tacmed Immediate Trauma kits
    ? ? Each Containing:
    ? ? ?- 1x 4" OLAES Bandage,
    ? ? ?- 1x SOF-T Tourniquet
    ? ? ?- 1x Compact Chest Seal Pair
    ? ? ?- 2x Pairs Black Talon Gloves
    ? ? ?- 1x Casualty Card
  • 2x SOFTT-W Tourniquets
  • 2x Hyfin Compact Chest Seals
  • 2x Quikclot Combat Gauze
  • 2x 4" Israeli Bandage
  • 1x Blast Bandage
  • NAR Trauma Shears
  • 4x Casualty Cards
  • 2x Sharpie Permanent Markers
  • 2x Quiklitter Lites
  • 2x Emergency Blankets
  • 2x Triangular Bandages
  • 2x Medium Crepe Bandages
  • Surgical Tape
  • 2x Disposable CPR Face Shield
  • 4x Pairs of XLarge Black Talon Gloves
  • 4x Chemlight Sticks
  • Ledlenser MH5 Head Torch

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Note -?These kits are built to order and due to the complexity of included components, some items?may not always be in stock at our warehouse.?
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