Specifically designed to the meet the medical needs of a police officer, the Tacmed Solutions LAPD Kit was created for use by all Los Angeles County Law Enforcement Agencies. This compact and slim profile kit provides the operator with maximum flexibility while providing on target care.

Worn on the leg, the rugged pouch attaches directly to the officer's belt, or to a tourniquet pouch worn on the belt. When worn with the tourniquet pouch, the detachable lower portion of the kit provides for additional medical capabilities/capacity, while having the tourniquet readily available for instant access to the officer's belt.

Available both as a stocked kit or pouch only. Please note that kits can also be custom packed to meet your specific mission requirements. Please contact us at info@tacmedaustralia.com.au for more details.

Optional Kit Contents:

1 x Surgical Tape 2inch
2 x Black Talon Glove Pair
1 x Universal Shears 15cm
1 x HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seal (Twin Pack)
1 x SOFTT-W Tourniquet
1 x Casualty Card
1 x CPR Face Shield
1 x OLAES Modular Trauma Dressing 4 in.

*Contents slightly vary from pictures displayed