Joining forces to save lives

St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea and TacMed Australia Join Forces to Distribute Life-Saving Trauma First Aid Equipment.

30th January 2024 – In a significant collaboration to enhance first aid response in Papua New Guinea, St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea and TacMed Australia proudly announce their partnership. This strategic alliance brings TacMed's battlefield-tested Trauma First Aid equipment to the forefront, ensuring that those who apply first aid to the injured in PNG can access the best tools to save lives.

TacMed Australia, renowned for its high-quality and innovative first aid equipment solutions, will empower St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea to make TacMed's comprehensive range of life-saving products readily available throughout the country. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to improving first aid care and equipping professionals and community first responders with the tools to respond effectively to trauma incidents.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Distribution of TacMed's Trauma First Aid Equipment: St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea will be the exclusive distributor of TacMed's battlefield-tested first aid equipment, bringing cutting-edge supplies and expertise to PNG.

Saving Lives on the Front Lines: The primary goal of this partnership is to ensure that TacMed's life-saving equipment reaches those who need it most, particularly in critical and high-stakes situations where immediate and effective first aid is crucial.

Enhancing Emergency Medical Response: By providing access to TacMed's advanced trauma kits and equipment, St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea aims to raise the standard of first aid response across the country, contributing to better outcomes for patients needing urgent care.

"As an agency at the forefront of emergency services in Papua New Guinea, we’re proud to partner with TacMed Australia. This collaboration means we can ensure top-tier emergency response equipment is available in our communities, underscoring our commitment to community safety and care. With added support from City Pharmacy Limited and Brian Bell Group, we are able to strengthen logistical capabilities and in-country quality standards."- Matt Cannon OStJ FACPara CEO St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea.

"TacMed Australia is incredibly proud to partner with a dedicated and noble organisation such as St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea. With our missions of Zero Preventable Deaths so closely aligned with St John PNG, and the difference TacMed's products have had in saving lives in Australia, we are excited to be working with St John to make the same difference in PNG"- Jeremy Holder Managing Director, TacMed Australia


About St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea:

The Papua New Guinea St John Ambulance (SJA) is a statutory civil defence charity that provides professional emergency medical services, training, and humanitarian assistance to the people of Papua New Guinea. SJA has been serving Papua New Guinea for over 65 years and has a strong presence in many provinces across the nation.

About TacMed Australia:

Established in 2010, TacMed Australia is a veteran-owned emergency medical company specialising in bringing advances in battlefield medicine equipment and training to first responders. TacMed's mission is to prepare First Responders to stop the preventable causes of death at the point of injury. No matter the environment.


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