NAR Injury & Ailment Case Black

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Specifications :

  • SEL#: 09ME-01-BAGM
  • Lid's clear pockets and hook-and-loop fasteners allow secure storage and quick inventory
  • Insert cover is 210 Denier Oxford Nylon
  • Insert's padding and flexible fasteners support customization of the case's contents
  • Lid's polymer O-ring gives a dust- and water-proof seal
  • All-weather, sure-grip handle
  • Reinforced padlock protectors
  • NOTE: Medical equipment sold separately


  • Exterior: H 21.59 cm. x W 52.07 cm. x D 43.18 cm.
  • Interior: H 19.30 cm. x W 46.74 cm. x D35.56 cm.
  • Weight: 5.95 kg

The North American Rescue's Injury and Ailment Case (I&A) is engineering ingenuity at its best.Designed for healthcare professionals on the move, this Pelican case is a tribute to the experts who developed it as well as to the experts who use it.

It's brilliant design allows healthcare professionals to have a superb organisation system with very minimal effort on their part.

The NAR's Injury and Ailment Case features clear pockets and hook and loop fasteners to allow secure storage and quick inventory. And with the inclusion of 10 Denier Oxford nylon insert with padding and flexible fasteners, it allows the users to customise the how they store their gear as they see fit.

The case ensures that items stored will not be exposed to dust, water or moisture using the latest technology and reinforced padlocks for added security.