Tactical Suction Device

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Double-valved design for one-hand operation
Vacuum force of approximately 100 mmHg
Clear collection bag & bulb hold over 1000 mL to effectively evacuate the oropharynx
Contoured suction tip prevents tissue damage
Reliable, simple, rugged & inexpensive


Packaged: L 25 cm x W 9.5 cm x D 7.5 cm
Suction Capacity: 1000 mL
Weight: 207 g

The Tactical Suction Device from North American Rescue is a compact but powerful tool designed to effectively evacuate the oropharynx in emergency situations. The device is designed to provide a vacuum force of approx 100 mmHg generated by the rebound of the bulb after each squeeze.

Evacuated contents are expelled into a clear collection bag attached to the outlet port. The valve bag and bulb hold well over 1000mLs.

A unique double-valved design allows for continuous operation with one hand. The other hand can then direct the contoured suction tip to prevent tissue damage.