Adjusta-Pro II Radio Chest Harness

Adjusta-Pro II Radio Chest Harness

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The Adjusta-Pro II Radio Chest Harness is an adjustable system that will work with almost any radio or GPS. Popular with not only rescue personnel but also with construction workers, traffic control and event workers.

The Adjusta-Pro II Radio Chest Harness comes complete with an LED light that sits flush in the centre of the pouch to provide excellent hands free lighting or identification in it's flashing function. Read a map or walk the trail with confidence with this specially designed light.

The vertical orientation of the radio improves reception, extends antenna life, and reduces the chance of chest injury during a fall. Conterra's unique suspension system virtually guarantees that your harness will not bounce or swing during vigorous rescues.

The harness is made in the US and features all Cordura construction for rugged durability, a large bellows cargo pocket, pen pouch, and twin elastic antenna keepers. Radio not included.

Storage Pocket measures 19cm Tall x 12.5cm Wide x 3.8cm Deep.

A smaller version of this radio harness is also available here.