Hasty Harness - Black

Special Features:

1 in. Tech Tape sewn sling
100% Nylon
Contrasting color thread to aid in visual inspection.
Made in the USA


Packaged: L 17 cm x W 11 cm x D 2.5cm
Circumference: 6.6 m
Loop: L 3.3 m x W 2.5cm
Tech Tape Minimum Break Strength: 1995 kg
Sewn Sling Minimum Break Strength: 2721 kg
Weight: 267 g


Designed for use by trained professionals only
Not to be used for shock loading
All items must be visually inspected for any deterioration of stitching and webbing both before and after each use. If wear or damage is detected discontinue use.

A resourceful harness for maximum versatility in high threat rescues.

The Hasty Harness from North American Rescue is a resourceful tool with unlimited applications and is an indispensable part of any webbing equipment toolbox. This multi-purpose harness is ideal for the critical adaptability needed during high threat rescues. The NAR Hasty Harness is constructed of a circumference of approximately 22 feet of 1 in. Tech Tape that outperforms its military spec counterpart in strength, flexibility, knot-ability and durability.

Multi-Purpose Applications:

Hoisting and Lowering
Assisted Carry