Tacmed K9 Handler Trauma Kit


1x Drop Leg Pouch
1 x SOF Tactical Tourniquet-Wide
1 x 4 OLAES Modular Bandage
1 x K9 Tourniquet (for K9 use only)
1 x K9 Muzzle
2 x 14ga x 3.25 ARS Needle for decompression
1 x 8.0 Endotracheal Tube with Stylet
1 x 10cc Syringe
1 x Hyfin Vent Chest Seal (2-pack)
1 x 3 in. Sensi-Wrap
1 x Nitrile Glove Pair

The K9 Handler Trauma Kit is an essential kit for K9 handlers operating in hostile environments. The kit provides a K9 and it's handler with the necessary tools to treat life-threatening injuries in remote settings away from medical and veterinary facilities.
Developed for use by law enforcement, military and recreational Hunters, the K9 Handler Trauma Kit contains dual purpose items that can be used to treat injuries to both the handler and K9 carried in a Tacmed Solutions Medic Leg Rig. The kit also contains specific items intended solely for the treatment of an injured working dog - such as a K9 tourniquet, muzzle, endotracheal tube and 14ga decompression needles to address torsion and bloat.

The K9 Tourniquet:

The K9 Tourniquet has been engineered to work effectively on a tapered anatomy, such as the leg of a K9, and is designed to be placed high on the limb. The K9 Tourniquet has integrated traction technology that prevents the tourniquet from slipping down the animal's leg - which would result in a loss of compression when moving or extricating the animal. Slippage is often amplified further when human tourniquets or pressure dressings are used on such tapered animal anatomies. The K9 Tourniquet addresses these issues and does so with extremely quick application time.

Please note that K9 Tourniquet is not recommended for human use.