Little Diggers First Aid Kit


1 x Eye Pad
1 x CPR Flow Chart
5 x Splinter Probes
2 x Burns Gel Sachet
1 x Pair of Nitrile Gloves
1 x Wound Closure Strips
1 x Large Island Dressing
2 x Small Island Dressing
20 x Kids Plastic Bandages
2 x Wound Cleaning Wipes
2 x Non-Adhering Pads 5 x 5 cm


11.5cm W x 18cm L x 3cm D

Designed for parents whose kids need constant repair, the Little Diggers Kit has already become a hit for being an everyday carry first aid kit.

This tough little 39 piece kit is a compact, waterproof and easily transportable first aid kit - perfect to keep in your car, baby bag, purse, school bag or even in your pocket!
The Little Diggers kit contains all the necessary items you need to clean and dress minor cuts, abrasions, burns, splinters and any other minor wounds children give themselves when at home or out and about.
The kit also includes nitrile gloves for personal protection and CPR flow chart to use as a reference in emergency situations.
Now for the really cool part. The Little Diggers Kit is enclosed in a Milspec waterproof Lok-Sak pouch. Once your kit is empty, the pouch will be suitable to keep your mobile phone dry when at the beach or in the pool.
Tacmed is also very proud to be donating 10% of proceeds to Young Veterans, an auspice organisation of RSL Victoria, who support veterans under the age of 60 through community engagement and outdoor activities.