Rescue 911 Emergency Knife

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The Pacific Cutlery 911 Rescue Tool is one of the most popular non-lethal rescue tools with both law-enforcement & corrections personnel. Specially designed blade delivers the safest and fastest cutting of seat belts, harnesses, webbing, ropes, clothing or other fibrous materials. Cutting close to flesh or in extreme conditions is made safe and fast.

Ideal for marine use, the stainless & plastic construction combined with lanyard loop for security, the Rescue 911 is perfect for cutting tangled or damaged lines & rigging in rough seas or under water.

Rescues strangulation or accident/fire/hostage victims whenever fibrous materials or bindings must be quickly cut away without cutting victim. 

  • Stainless Steel blade & mechanism,
  • Sheath made from Black heavy-duty nylon, two-way option to mount on duty belts,
  • Contoured black rubberized plastic handle for secure grip with gloves or wet conditions,
  • Rear lanyard mount with large 5mm diameter hole,
  • Ultra-secure blade locking mechanism,
  • Handles can be removed with Hex-Key for cleaning & maintenance,
  • Ideal for EMT & Law Enforcement,
  • Easily cuts Ropes, Cords, Webbing, Seat Belts, PlastiCuffs, Rigging, Fishing nets, etc.