Slishman Traction Splint Gen2

Slishman Traction Splint Gen2

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The STS?The Slishman Traction Splint Gen2 offers all the benefits of the original STS plus additional advances found in the STS Compact.

Designed to overcome the operational difficulties of older traction splints, the STS Gen2 is the fastest splint to apply, reducing on-scene times and maximizing patient comfort.

Unlike other traction splints, the STS Gen2 requires no individual poles or complicated mechanisms to assemble. It can be applied in less than 60 seconds, making it the go-to solution in emergencies.?

The traction mechanism is located at the patient's hip, with femur traction applied by extending the pole segments. This creates a pushing force on the ankle or distal strap, rather than pulling distally from the foot as with conventional traction splints.

Weighing only 482 grams, the STS Gen2 is lightweight, compact, and takes up little space in vehicles or aircraft. Its compact design means it can remain safely contained within the board, litter or basket without extending past the patient's foot, keeping it safe from door strikes.

The STS Gen2 is versatile and appropriate for both adults and pediatrics, eliminating the need to carry multiple sizes. Traction adjustment is easy to accomplish for maximum patient comfort, and the STS is radiolucent, eliminating the need to remove the splint for patient imaging or exam.

The Gen2 incorporates improvements over the original, including articulated distal and proximal straps attached to the extension mechanism, making them easy to apply and impossible to lose. All three segments of the extension mechanism are connected, making the Gen2 a one-piece design. Instructions are printed on the side of the splint, along with an included trifold, and pressure points are well-padded.

The STS Gen2 also features colors to help differentiate the parts, with the outer tube black, the middle silver, and the inner red. The groin strap and Slishman Pressure Wrap are red and orange, respectively. The included Slishman Pressure Wrap can be applied to the feet for rotational stability, making the splint a multitool as well.

The STS Gen2 is the perfect solution for those who need a reliable, easy-to-use and effective traction splint. Its advanced design and versatile features make it a must-have device for any responders likely to deal with leg fractures.?

Features and Benefits

  • Radiolucent
  • One size fits all, from small children to large adults
  • Can be applied in under a minute with minimal training
  • Application possible even in cases of lower leg/foot amputation
  • Multi-color design makes identifying parts and application steps easy??

Application Information

The distal hitch on the STS-Gen2 is applied just proximal to the ankle, calf or patella. Coarse positioning is accomplished using a spring button to extend and lock the outer tube. Fine traction is accomplished by pulling on the cord, followed by locking with a downward pull into the V-notch. Because you control all traction at the hip, you can easily make adjustments as conditions change or en route to the hospital.?

Dimensions in bag:?20" H x 3" Diameter
Weight:?17 oz / 482 grams