Finally after almost 10 years of developing and supplying custom IFAK's for our clients we have designed our own that incorporates everything we need for operational use. It's called the 'TacMed IFAK' (Immediate First Aid Kit) and comes in 3 variants. You can also purchase the Tearaway Pouch on its own:
  • Tacmed IFAK
  • TacMed IFAK+ (with Quik-clot)
  • TacMed IFAK Advanced
  • TacMed IFAK - Tearaway Pouch Only
Utilising a custom made pouch that incorporates multiple internal loops and pockets the TacMed IFAK has been designed with tear-away functionality allowing an operator to tear the pouch away from its velcro mount and throw or place the kit where its really needed. The mount has MOLLE setup allowing for vest or duty belt carriage and the standard version comes stocked with the following equipment:

  • SOF-TT Tourniquet / Rescue Orange
  • 4" OLAES Trauma Bandage
  • HYFIN Chest Seal twin pack
  • Trauma Shears 15cm
  • 2 pairs Black Talon Nitrile Gloves
  • Casualty Card
  • Sharpie permanent marker
  • Velcro Medic Cross Patch

The 'TacMed IFAK+' comes with all the contents of the Standard IFAK along with Quik-Clot Combat Haemostatic Gauze.

Finally the 'TacMed IFAK Advanced' is for the higher clinical level operator and comes with all contents of the IFAK+ along with a 7.5mm Naso-Pharyngeal airway, a 14g Chest Decompression Needle and a 4" Israeli Emergency Bandage to replace the OLAES.

20cm x 12cm x 10cm

Price breaks are available for orders over 20 units and kits can be customised to your operational needs, for more information please call Tacmed Sales on 1300 862 633 or email to info@tacmedaustralia.com.au