Tacmed Oxygen Delivery Kit

Tacmed Oxygen Delivery Kit

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The Tacmed Oxygen Delivery Kit is designed with portability and easy access in mind, utilising the Conterra PRO-2 Caddy to create a neat kit with everything required, minus an O2 bottle.?

The Tacmed Oxygen Delivery Kit contains:

  • Conterra PRO-2 Caddy Bag
  • Pocket BVM
  • Tactical Suction Device
  • Full Guedel Airway Kit
  • 3x Nasopharyngeal Airways
  • 3x Oxygen Therapy masks and tubing
  • Nasal Canula with tubing
  • Mini Oxygen Regulator

We can also build?custom kits to suit your specific requirements - speak to us today to discuss your needs!

Note -?These kits are built to order and due to the complexity of included components, some items?may not always be in stock at our warehouse.?
For urgent or customised requirements, please call us on 1300 862 633.