Tacmed Split IFAK
Tacmed Split IFAK
Tacmed Split IFAK
Tacmed Split IFAK

Tacmed Split IFAK

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The Tacmed Split IFAK is the perfect answer when you want to carry the same basic items for a Trauma First Aid Kit, but keep the size of the pack worn to an absolute minimum.

The split IFAK separates the Tourniquet off into its own pouch so the main pouch holding a flat packed 4" OLAES bandage, compact chest seal and Disposable CPR face shield, can be a smaller size. It also features a tearaway design. This means that when worn on a MOLLE vest fitting for example, the complete kit is contained within 2 smaller and thinner packs rather than 1 large pouch. Alternatively the main pouch could be worn on a belt with the Tourniquet fitted to a MOLLE vest or pack, or carried in a pocket or separate bag.

The IFAK pouch and Tourniquet pouch are designed to use with MOLLE fittings but can both be attached to a belt as well (Tourniquet pouch can fit a belt with a max width of 40mm).

The Tacmed Split IFAK Contains:

  • Trauma Pouch
  • Compact Chest Seal
  • OLAES 4" Trauma Bandage
  • Disposable CPR Face Shield
  • MARCHE / IMIST Wallet Reference Card
  • Tacmed Patch
  • Tourniquet Pouch
  • SOFTT-W Tourniquet